Total return management

MuniCrest is an state registered investment advisor and consulting firm that specializes in the management of fixed income portfolios for insurance companies and individuals

Investment Management Company

Sometimes, smaller is better.....


We are a boutique investment management firm that seeks out those firms and individuals who value investment expertise first and foremost, but also believe that client service is of utmost importance. Our success is based on effectively managing client portfolios and building partnerships based on trust.

Our services are best suited for institutions who are looking to optimize total return and after-tax yield and individuals who desire institutional caliber expertise brought to bear on their personal portfolios. The bond market is a specialty asset class with unique challenges and opportunities. Your bond allocation should be managed by a team of specialists, not by a jack-of-all-trades.

Our core investment style is based on the premise that superior long-term after-tax returns are achieved through the prudent and active management of interest rate risk, yield curve risk, and credit risk in the context of each client's goals and objectives. We strive to be more quantitative than the average investor, and utilize state of the art analytics that help us measure and manage risk.